Friday, January 8, 2010

" Portraits Vol 1 1973 - 2009 "

This is volume 1 of a three volume collection of portraits. Taken between 1973 - 2009 this diverse collection of faces includes movie stars, artists, performers, drag queens, poets, pop stars, legends,
fashion models, singers, construction workers, DJ's,
a lumberjack and one famous puppeteer and that's just in volume 1. Collect them all buy ordering all three volumes. Each volume contains 120 pages.
b /w 8 x 10 ". Preview it here:


  1. Great photos! Thank you! I'd like to see other pictures of Lisa Edelstein from your books and your stocks. LOL! And I have a question - what kind of art work of Lisa E used in the book " Troubleblonde"?

  2. Original drawing that she did when we were together.

  3. Lisa she featured only in VOLUME 1? I love your pics of her btw.